The plane left the airport at dawn,
On “Squeezy” away we were bourne,
Then by bus and by train,
To Fidenza we came,
For a lunch quite late in the morn.

Hotel and a Therme we then found,
The harps, what a beautiful sound,
The food was quite scrummy,
As evidence, my tummy,
Much Prosciutto and wine we did down.

With Mary and David to meet,
The rehersals took place in the heat.
The Words were so hard,
Perhaps write on a card?
Or even the edge of my sheet?

The night it came round far too quick,
In fact it made me quite sick.
But once battle was joined,
My voice I then “foined”,
The performance, it sounded so slick.

Gia sang like a lark in the night,
And Lorna with all of her might.
Mary kept us in tune,
And not to come in too soon.
Oh! what an elegant sight.

The dinner was ever so grand,
The ladies so wonderfully tanned,
We tango’d ‘til late,
Er… who found a mate?
The evening the best in the land.

So sorry to leave the next day,
To Milan, with our daughter to play,
Flea market and lunch,
More prosciutto to munch,
Then home with soooo much to say.

With love,

Emma Daniell (2012)